These days my new bathroom slave will have to endure the last test: if he goes, next occasion, he will have the benefit to lastly provide me as a complete bathroom, which indicates getting all my present straight in his oral cavity and eat them all; if he is not able, he won’t have a second opportunity, I will disregard him from my harem!!! I have linked him to the seat, so that he cannot shift, and I have linked a string to his paintballs, just just in case he needs a stimulation. I get prepared his meal: a dish filled with my delightful crap and a jug of my valuable urine. Then I start place providing him. The first part is not too big, just to let him get acquainted to the flavour, the following ones are larger and larger. He is not very quick to munch and take and sometimes I need to get the string and touch his delicate erect nipples but, spoonful after spoonful, all the crap goes into his oral cavity and down his stomach; in between, I give him a number of cups to my fantastic nectar. At the end, I am pleased, he still needs to enhance, of course, but he approved the analyze. Next time, his place will be under my bathroom seat, with his oral cavity start, prepared to obtain and eat all his Mistress’ valuable gifts!!!! P.S. This video reveals a servant meals real crap and urine. Therefore, is not suggested for people who are not into this type of things.

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