Carolina Yana and Alice decided to play a little mistress and two obedient dogs, Caroline said that this time she wants to be a mistress and drive on a leash of two obedient dogs. Yana with Alice agreed. Carolina put on an erotic net on her hands, put on leather gloves and picked up the leashes, and we turned on the video camera. First Carolina walks the dog Yana around the room, Yana crawls cancer on his knees in a circle after a few laps mistress Carolina stops obedient dog Yana, Carolina first exposes the dog Yana chest, and after Baring the dog Yana ass, and the dog Yana crawls cancer on her knees in a circle with bare ass and bare Tits. Showing you the dog Yana, Caroline puts it in a corner, and picks up another dog leash Alice and starts walking the dog Alice around the room, the dog Alice crawls cancer on her knees around the room, but Caroline is very small, and Carolina first bare chest dog Alice and then ass and again leads on comnaet only with bare Breasts and ass, walked the dogs around the room, Carolina takes an iron dog bowl and puts it on the floor squats and fills the iron dog bowl shit and urine, after Caroline had filled the dog bowl, two well-behaved dogs begin to eat the shit out of dog bowls, mouths of the two dogs in the shit, then how ozbaki a little ate the shit out of the iron bowl, Carolina tells the dog turns to get cancer on my knees and fill a bowl of shit and piss obedient dog so I do now too full bowl of shit and piss and Carolina ordered to eat shit from the bowl to his dogs, while one of the dogs eats shit, Carolina takes a rubber dick and Fucks the dog in the ass the moment her head is lowered into a dog bowl filled with shit and urine, Carolina does so with two dogs Yana and Alice…

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