Early morning hours, and I have to poo. I’ve got an idea and actually I was thinking about it very long time. I want you to flavor me, I want you to take my crap, I want you to take my crap, I want to using the bathroom directly to the oral cavity area. Can I? Well this is not a question. I will do and I will force out to the oral cavity area my large and frothy poo. How bad you want to eat it? Are you being prepared to start up big and extensive your little oral cavity and awaiting my delightful poo? I Sit on the side of my seat and see you under my ass. I pucker a bit my butt. I’m so prepared to give my crap for you. Also thrilled. So go forward and I explain to you how to start up extensive the oral cavity area. It’s coming, directly from my ass to the oral cavity area. So large poo. Will you take all? I provided my pee to flavor it too. I love this crap. Also display a little prolapse in the video. I display in the digicam how large, frothy poo what you’ve got it. Is it tasty?…

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