20 moments long. This would get where the scary dad in bathing room movie you did a while back again results in off. He’s blackmailed you returning to his house. Now he wants to fragrance more.

You’ll head into bathing room and pick-up a sheet of document on the reverse that has your record of “demands” that you must fulfill or he’ll launch the first movie of you using the bathroom that he privately shot.

You have a massive feeling of outrage that you have to put up with this again and that you proceed to be blackmailed. But you have to follow. He wants to fragrance all of you. You’ll go down the record with closeups of your underarms, chests, vagina, legs and gradually ass. Everytime, give you a awesome 10-15 second closeup, as if he’s right there smelling each part of the body. Whole time, discuss about how total it odors and how dreadful he is for preference this.

Now it’s a chance to waste again for him. But compared with before, you have to sit there and enjoy him masturbate after you’ve pooped. You have to get in near proximity to it and fragrance it and discuss about how total it odors while you observe him snazzy jerk off. You’re humiliated and humiliated and you keep referring to how bad it odors and how you can’t believe this is stimulating. You beg him to complete so you can just keep. After he cums, you’re forgiven. But you also know this is the only the start. Really offer the embarrassment, the dreadful odors and the pity and discomfort you really feel having to observe him (well, let’s be truthful, me) masturbate while you need to fragrance your own waste.

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