A couple of times later will launch a mini-series ” Actual, distributed, residing toilet”
There I lie, my oral cavity is placed an enormous potential which will Winnie the pooh and pee men and females, and then to mix the waste with a pee and it will fit in my oral cavity and I’ll take.
What mini-series segments would you like to see in the future? Please create in content here: 1) the life of a bathroom servant.(Sitting in a crate for several times in a row meals only waste and pee Expert and Mistress). 2) Poop eat on the speed! (Mister or Madam poops and I try to eat waste as soon as possible, basically place by place without stopping). 3)Eat crap from the toilet! (Sir or Madam waste in the bathroom and I eat waste right out of the toilet). Elect which subject gets the most ballots and will be eliminated in originally.

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