The great anus began to shrink as if it responded to the expression of anguish, and it was a fart that had accumulated in the pool. While the smell of the fart is stuck, it begins to dabble in the face that is able to unleash all the contents of the belly. In the full shot of the camera placed on the diagonally upward, the expression of the feeling of pleasure when the fart leaks in addition to the full breath. You can watch the contrast of a gentle and sharp fart like the way that the stool that feels thick and heavy is twisted from the anal to the toilet and building the mountain one after another. A large anal angle that fits into the illusion that fits fart from the hips and the lovely anus. And another full shot from 45 degrees diagonally behind. It is no longer available for the iron plate. Come and enjoy the infinite ensemble that fart and feces weave.

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