The place where the aim is aimed is an office building where many women who are forced to work and each place in the company. After the long term information gathering, all of us here were suffering from deswork stress and stress in the relationship of the human being, and had abdominal pain. It is a woman employee who rushes to the toilet with the thought of stealing the human eye at last. I pray that the anal will be closed with the desperate thought, and the popularity disappears, and the inferior fart and the diarrhea feces which have been played in the way like an anal burst out as if it betrayed without piercing. The sound is transmitted outside the toilet to the person in the hot water supply room. A woman who conceals the face with shame and misses it by cough. In this way, I had to go to the toilet to get diarrhea and put diarrhea. Although it is a figure of the nose scream for her, it is drunk as a perfect beauty for us.

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