It is the third bullet. A video footage of a new company was sent, and there was a picture of the dedication in the veranda there. The company’s oilers are not overwhelming enough to find the number of toilets inside the office and are not vacant every time they go to the toilet. It is resistant to severe convenience and abdominal pain while stepping on the ground, but it runs into the veranda which is usually used as a rest place when exceeding the limit of patience. They can’t control their flight by their own intention, and when they take off their pants to the pantyhose, they will release the diarrhea flight. Some women flew into the air with a single feces with diarrhea. Although some of them don’t hide the walls and floor and can’t hide the shaking, some employees know that there is a surveillance camera in the veranda. The moment in which the dignity of the human being who is not calm in the emergency situation is lost even under the situation that is always monitored is collected. Please enjoy the third.

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